Basic Grant Funding

A Great Start

One of the recent SFA updates is an increase to the amount of funding you can get for tuition and books!  The Basic Grant is meant to help with the cost of your post-secondary education. It isn’t a student loan because you won’t have to pay it back!

The Basic Grant won’t cover all your expenses, but it does help with tuition and fees and the cost of books and travel.

At a Glance

Recent improvements mean you may be eligible for more than ever before.

  • Up to $2,400 for tuition and fees per semester
  • Up to $550 for books per semester
  • Travel from your home community to the nearest institution offering your program

…And there’s more! SFA has other grants and student loans to assist with your postsecondary studies.

There are also bursaries and scholarships available from other sources. Go to the main SFA website to get details on grants and loans, and for the handy list of scholarships and bursaries.

This is a glimpse of the different benefits you can get with the SFA. Find out more.

Summer Breaks

If you don’t return to the NWT during summer break, your NWT residency won’t be affected and you can still access SFA. …but you will miss out on the amazing midnight sun!

Living outside of the NWT for more than 12 months while you’re not a full-time student may change whether you’re officially considered an NWT resident. If that happens, it affects your ability to receive NWT SFA. Check out our main website for information on what you need to do to qualify as an NWT resident.